Region 5 Blings Landing

Level Range:


NPC CastlesEdit

Lvl Name Stats Rewards Theme
Difficulty Def Rating
10 Bonezone Easy 135/135  Currency Gold Icon539 Currency Life Force Icon539
10 Cool Soldiers Easy 140/140  Currency Gold Icon588 Currency Life Force Icon588
11 Good Doggy Easy 148/148 Currency XP Icon1742  Currency Gold Icon651 Currency Life Force Icon644
11 Pushy Pushers Easy 149/149  Currency Gold Icon608 Currency Life Force Icon603
12 Bad Kennel Easy 159/159 Currency XP Icon2540  Currency Gold Icon734 Currency Life Force Icon728
12 Fatal Fantasy Easy 155/155  Currency Gold Icon691 Currency Life Force Icon685 Spooky Keep
13 Chicken Shack Easy 164/164  Currency Gold Icon946 Currency Life Force Icon937
13 Jimbo's Lair Easy 166/166  Currency Gold Icon851 Currency Life Force Icon844
14 Durrr Hard 398/398  Currency Gold Icon1966 Currency Life Force Icon1948 Durrrr Theme

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