Characteristics Edit

The bosses are different from one another but they have some unique characteristics in common.

  • They have to live in the Boss Room .
  • They have big HP.
  • They can use a variety of abilities/skills that normally are only theirs.
  • Have many AoE and/or CC skills.

Why to, or not to, have a boss in your castle Edit

The bosses can be a pain to kill, but they are neve a sure kill on anyone, you would need to make the invasor tired to kill him with any kind of boss, first.

some bosses can be a real threat with the company of creatures or traps, such as Lord Marleybone with good traps , as he is immobile but can create a mob of creatures to guard him and the chamber, or the famous Count Snottingham, if the player is slowed when this boss uses the acid split, he is trouble.

The bosses Edit

Unlock Count Snottingham

Unlock Durrrr

Unlock Captain Clubbage
Unlock Lord Marleybone

Unlock Duke of Stabbington

Unlock Dragonificus Terribilis
Unlock Terroraptor Overlord

Unlock Baron Snarleybone

Unlock In Spectre Drubbage

Unlock Icy Pops

Unlock Mr Firesly

Unlock Flameo

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