Screenshot Chicken Pox Smelly Warrior
Creatures and traps that existed prior to the introduction of Defense Crafting were afflicted with a permanent chickenpox, gaining a more greener complexion, complete with spots and flies!

These Creatures and traps are generally weaker than their vaccinated counterparts but retain legacy creature skills and behaviors.

Chickenpoxed CreaturesEdit

Screenshot Chicken Pox Aura Guardian

An infected Aura Guardian besides its vaccinated counterpart.

Certain poxed legacy creatures still retain their old ability sets and names.

List of Legacy CreaturesEdit

Chickenpoxed TrapsEdit

Screenshot Chicken Pox Springboard

Infected springboards traps are easier to spot.

Control-oriented traps such as Glue Mines and Gelatinous Walls are still as effective as their vaccinated versions, although the green discoloration makes certain traps such as springboards traps easy to spot.

Damage-dealing traps like rotating cannons however, are not upgraded and may have lower damage.



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