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Also known as Cornelius Richling's Real Estate Emporium, Cornelius Real Estate is the premiere location for winners of the Opulencia Lottery to go castle shopping![1]

Starting players may choose from one of three starter castles (there is no way to select the fourth):

Starter CastlesEdit

Starter Castle Dusky

Guaranteed to inspire jealousy in your neighbors; also screams for mercy.

Her tawny charms evoke the last fleeting glow of sunset. Perfect for feeding your uninvited guests a meal that is best served cold, and I don't mean Gazpacho. Pairs well with a pool of acid.

Starter Castle Foggy

This premium castle says 'Quality'. It also says 'I have a narcissistic delusion.'

Cool, hazy and more than a little forboding. Nothing says "Don't come in here and take my gold while I'm out stealing yours" like a rich and murky smog; that, and flamethrowers can't hurt.

Starter Castle Firesly
This castle says "I'm too good for you." It literally says that - in a gallingly condescending voice.

Starter Castle Evening

A prestige castle that says both 'I'm better than you!' and 'Back off Worm!' In fact, this castle will not shut up.

Her charms are a thinly veiled mystery. What lies beneath the veil you ask? Why it just might be your gold! Those midnight hues are sure to bring out the green in your neighbors.

For a side by side comparison of the castles, see Table:Starter Castles

The Fine PrintEdit

  1. Some settling may occur. As in - You will settle for a run-down castle with no creatures.


  • The castle's appearance will slowly change as one progresses through the Tutorial
  • Once another castle theme has been applied, there is no way to revert the castle to the original starter castle theme.

See AlsoEdit

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