Hero Archer

The archer Edit

The Archer is a high mobility hero using 3 types of crossbows

Its recommended to use a Splitshot crossbow to recover mana faster

Archetype Effect Range Damage Speed Mana Per Hit
WeaponType Repeater Repeater Single target Medium Low 7.50 (High) 2
WeaponType Split Shot Split Shot Shoots 3 arrows in a cone Short Medium 1.50 (Medium) 5
WeaponType Piercing Shot Piercing Shot Arrows pierce through up to 3 enemies Long High 0.90 (Medium) 6

The archer Spell arsenal has good survival spells and damage spells

Skill Recommended
Spiral Shot can be used directly on lvl 13 gives player 0.8 seconds immune to damage
Roll  is better used End game when Block Chance is 25% giving you 100% block chance for 1 sec when rolling
Split Shot  is a high Single target / Multi target damage skill
Volley Damage over time Area of effect skill with the possibility to proc Confusion / Stun / Snare
Hawk: Hack Disables traps for 5 seconds
Skills Not recommended
Caltrops  damage does not stack and is hard to use.
Hawk: Dive is hard to use and can bug your game.
Hawk: Harass is hard to use and single target
Head Shot is a long ranged charge shot, it takes alot of time to charge the skill
Piercing Shot  hits low compared with Split Shot 

Archer is a high damage  / Low health hero

The archer has high damage on both far and close range and is perfect against bosses and totem rushing, 

Equipment Important Magical property

Raise Dead Block

Shoulder Armor Block
Suit of Armor Block
Gloves Block

Named epic:Bowgart's Gloves for attack speed

Cape Attack Speed

Mana Regeneration

Named Epic:Bowgart's Cape

Necklace Attack Speed

Mana Regeneration

Ring Attack Speed

Mana Regeneration

Weapon Health stolen

Attack Speed Mana Regeneration

Meteor Strike

to be continued 

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