Splash Screen Halloween

Mighty Unusual SuspectsEdit

Starting on October 15, 2014, revamped Wanted creatures were released as Halloween themed Mighty Unusual Suspects for a limited run of approximately 5 days each.

Aside from cosmetic differences, the Mighty Usual Suspects also had a lowered defense point cost.

Main article: Mighty Unusual Suspects

Haunted ForestsEdit

Haunted Forest Castle
  • Haunted Forest Entrance
  • Haunted Forest Treasure Room
  • Haunted Forest Layout

Introduced October 28, 2014, Haunted Forests are special NPC castles that showcase the Mighty Unusual Suspects and Wanted Creatures in a special Halloween themed castle.

  • One Haunted Forest can be found in each region
    • Castle levels are within the region limits and are a multiple of 5.
    • Each Haunted Castle room, trap, and creature layout is identical; only the level changes.
  • Not so subtly hidden within the Haunted Forest Castle is a countdown created using Jack-o-Lantern barricades.
  • The castle does not have a boss room.


Limited Edition CosmeticsEdit


  • Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Tombstones

Halloween PackEdit

Special limited time pack available from October 30, 2014 to


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