Base AttributeEdit

Character Base Growth
Knight 1130 +130 / LVL
  4900 at LVL 30
Archer 760 +60 / LVL
  2500 at LVL 30
Mage 760 +60 / LVL
  2500 at LVL 30
Runaway 900 +100 / LVL
  3800 at LVL 30

Health OrbsEdit

Creatures have a XX% chance to drop a health orb upon defeat. Health orbs instantly restore XXXX health upon contact.

The health restored from health orbs may be increased by wearing equipment with the magic property "Health Orb Bonus".


Screenshot Bleeding

When taking damage, the amount of HP impacted is instantly highlighted white in the HP gauge. But the actual HP is removed overtime (very quickly though).

This 'bleeding' time is represented by the white area draining. So if you take large amounts of damage simultaneously that impacts all your remaining HP, you'll have the 'bleeding' time to hit the potion key.

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