Health potions restore different amounts of your hero's health based on the potion's size.

Potions may be brewed in the Potion Brewery in stacks of 5. Potions stack up to 20 in your Inventory.

You may only bring up to 4 health potions of one type with you each time you attack another castle.

When validating a castle, 4 potions are given each time and are not consumed from your inventory when used.

Name Required Level Effect Cost (x5)
Hero Level Potion Brewery Currency Gold Gold Currency Bling Bling
Potion Health 1 Minor
Minor Health Potion
1 1 Restores 1040 health points 100 5
Potion Health 2
Health Potion
3 2 Restores 1560 health points 650 10
Potion Health 3 Potent
Potent Health Potion
9 3 Restores 2600 health points 1250 25
Potion Health 4 Greater
Greater Health Potion
15 4 Restores 3900 health points 2500 50
Potion Health 5 Superior
Superior Health Potion
21 5 Restores 5850 health points 4500 75
Potion Health 6 Mighty
Mighty Health Potion
27 6 Restores 9100 health points 6250 99

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