Region 4 Heated Gardens

Level Range:


NPC CastlesEdit

Lvl Name Stats Rewards Theme
Difficulty Def Rating
5 Big Brothers Easy 82/82 Currency XP Icon690  Currency Gold Icon208 Currency Life Force Icon204
5 Enter the Archer Easy 85/85 Currency XP Icon850  Currency Gold Icon257 Currency Life Force Icon257
6 Medic Easy 105/105  Currency Gold Icon330 Currency Life Force Icon330
6 Rangeaholics Easy 105/105  Currency Gold Icon308 Currency Life Force Icon308
7 Cyclops Gym Easy 125/125 Currency XP Icon1442  Currency Gold Icon400 Currency Life Force Icon400
7 Hungerbot Hunt Easy 125/125 Currency XP Icon1414  Currency Gold Icon377 Currency Life Force Icon377
7 Something Wicked Easy 125/125 Currency XP Icon1498  Currency Gold Icon438 Currency Life Force Icon438
8 Snotter Library Easy 145/145  Currency Gold Icon607 Currency Life Force Icon607
9 Flameo Hard 455/455  Currency Gold Icon1097 Currency Life Force Icon1097

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