Region 3 Little Spitaly

Level Range:

Count Snottingham

NPC CastlesEdit

Lvl Name Stats Rewards Theme
Difficulty Def Rating
1 Old Fort Easy 54/54 Currency XP Icon62  Currency Gold Icon58 Currency Life Force Icon68 Frosty Theme
2 Shamblington Easy 54/54 Currency XP Icon203  Currency Gold Icon79 Currency Life Force Icon79
2 Snotter Hut Easy 70/70 Currency XP Icon232  Currency Gold Icon96 Currency Life Force Icon96 Spiky Spire
3 Chickenwalk Easy 71/71 Currency XP Icon241  Currency Gold Icon100 Currency Life Force Icon100
3 Jumbo Tentacle Easy 90/90 Currency XP Icon469  Currency Gold Icon179 Currency Life Force Icon179
3 Puppet Masters Easy 90/90 Currency XP Icon517  Currency Gold Icon202 Currency Life Force Icon202
3 One Eyed Giants Easy 88/88 Currency XP Icon565  Currency Gold Icon196 Currency Life Force Icon196
4 Chicken HQ Easy 67/67 Currency XP Icon600  Currency Gold Icon174 Currency Life Force Icon174
4 CT Snottingham Hard 247/247 Currency XP Icon1922  Currency Gold Icon596 Currency Life Force Icon596 Count Snottingham

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