Magical Armor reduces the damage taken when hit by magical attacks. All accessories and capes grant physical armor.

Base AttributeEdit

Character Base Growth
Knight 16 +6 / LVL
  190 at LVL 30
Archer 22 +2 / LVL
  80 at LVL 30
Mage 34 +4 / LVL
  150 at LVL 30
Runaway 28 +3 / LVL
  115 at LVL 30

Armor AttributeEdit

All accessories and capes grant base Magical Armor.

The following equipment types grant +Magical armor attribute:

Equipment AttributeEdit

Equipment may grant additional magical armor only if the equipment does not already have a base magical armor bonus. Equipment with base Magical armor can however, receive a bonus to physical armor.

The following equipment types may have the +Magical armor attribute:

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