Mana StealEdit

Mana is generated on each successful hit at different rates depending on the weapon type.

Hero Weapon Type Mana per hit
WeaponType Sword Sword 7
WeaponType Axe Axe 6
WeaponType Hammer Hammer 10
WeaponType Repeater Repeater 2
WeaponType Split Shot Split Shot 5
WeaponType Piercing Shot Piercing Shot 6
WeaponType Arcane Staff Arcane Staff 7
WeaponType Fire Staff Fire Staff 6
WeaponType Lightning Staff Lightning Staff 5
WeaponType Spear Spear 5
WeaponType Great Axe Great Axe 6
WeaponType Scythe Scythe 7

Mana RegenerationEdit

All heroes passively regenerate Mana.

Hero Knight Archer Mage Runaway
Mana per second 4 4 5 5

See AlsoEdit

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