Event Mighty Mysterious 15

Dates: December 23, 2014 - January 6, 2015
Announcement: Blog Post

Day 1 Caustic Carpet
Day 2 Rancid Runner
Day 3 Super Trap Generator
Day 4 Burn'n Hell-O
Day 5 Devlin
Day 6 Hot Roller
Day 7 Sadistic Cannon
Day 8 General Pow
Day 9 Skelethor
Day 10 Chargoyle
Day 11 Snowballistic Cannon
Day 12 Baron Snarleybone
Day 13 Derplicator
Day 14 Acid Cannon
Day 15 Rambomb


  • One Wanted Creature or Trap returned in limited quantities each day for 15 days.
    • No announcement was made when the Wanted entity was available
    • Limited quantities were available, meaning that those in later time zones had virtually no chance of getting the special.


  • Possibly inspired by the Twelves Days of Christmas

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