Region 6 Nova Gloatia

Level Range:

Captain Clubbage

NPC CastlesEdit

Lvl Name Stats Rewards Theme
Difficulty Def Rating
15 Big Bow Wow Easy 177/177  Currency Gold Icon848 Currency Life Force Icon848
15 Team Skull Easy 179/179  Currency Gold Icon941 Currency Life Force Icon941
15 Staremastery Easy 195/195  Currency Gold Icon1019 Currency Life Force Icon1019
16 Slime City Easy 189/189  Currency Gold Icon994 Currency Life Force Icon994
17 The Barn Easy 198/198  Currency Gold Icon998 Currency Life Force Icon998
18 Beast Brigade Easy 213/213  Currency Gold Icon1068 Currency Life Force Icon1068
19 Captain Clubbage Hard 299/299  Currency Gold Icon1189 Currency Life Force Icon1189

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