All heroes pack

  • 4 Heroes + Exclusive Costumes
  • 4 exclusive pets
  • 4 Inventory pages
  • 4 XP Boost
  • 4 Magic Find Boost

Mighty Quest all heroes pack

Wig 0df2aa538ad36d5fb1f692277a191f464c432386
Bucket pet 807f46693ae9713ffda24d0dc4e8c278abe4f4ce
Firedragon pet 67963c207f302c313b9338c3993653377dafe83e
Puppet 44f0571f3da22e3369ff16dabed1dad6a90fc23c
Xpboost 9ad8d5961b9cb444a5c470531bdcaadf57873135
Magic 8732395eed02e6ef2d0363bf8b83817e33cb4f33
Inventorypages f9653b5021fa45a10d160f5e2ff1002740b0c6b3
Firecrown 395b3b46b02719a56742b1150b65be5599eebab3
Mask 6d40cb9f175dcab58a42b13b75d8210c2fa6071c
Piratehat 49d13e65068dabcb64e343c2aaf51284ee9f6bba
Babyeye a002a8112dadc8fcdf62e6e2f91442d43a60f358

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