Inventory Tabs

With the availability of two new inventory tabs, we promised the Infinite Pack holders would receive both tabs, free of cost. Both inventory tabs have been activated to all players whom purchased the Infinite Pack prior the release of the patch on April 2nd.


This week we did some fine tuning on some elements. We are currently focusing on creatures’ reactivity and behavior. We are also starting to have another look at heroes’ weapon, starting with the repeater. More balance will be done throughout the next updates, in order to have more valid weapon choices.

Hero balancingEdit

The repeater being the less used weapon for Archers, we decided to give it a little buff to make it a more viable choice

Archer Repeater: Mana regeneration increased from 1 to 2 mana per hit. Damage increased by 10%.

Creatures balancingEdit

This week, Elite Cyclops have a little love. We noticed the Slim Scott's Ground Pound skill hitbox was smaller than intended. We also gave a little buff to Polyfemur's Dash skill.

Also, we had a look at our Elite Smelly Archers; we modified Billy the Trapper's Trap skill. This skill used to be quite unfair for melee characters since the creature was able to cast the skill at a really close range. The side effect resulted in melee heroes always taking all 3 traps damage without warning when fighting in close quarters.

  • Billy the Trapper: Can't place Bear Traps when Hero is close quarters (under 2M distance)
  • Polyfemur: Speed increased from 10 to 12. Maximum Charge Distance increased from 10M to 12M.
  • Slim Scott: AoE hitbox corrected. Damage increased by 10%.
  • Goatmen and Smelly Archers Damage issues are now fixed.
  • Bolas-Strike Goatman: missile collision increased to better match the visual. Missile should be harder to avoid now.


  • Various UI updates to reduce the overlap of the trophy panel.
  • Trophy icons have received minor updates.
  • Sounds have been added upon collecting the rewards after a league update.
  • The chat has received a major overhaul
    • A timer will display the last received message.
    • The chat icon has been moved at the bottom of the chat window.
    • The scrollbar has been moved to the left side of the chat window.
    • The dropdown button has been removed.
    • The technology has been replaced. The chat should feel much more responsive.
Patch 20150409 Chat

Bug FixesEdit

  • Resolved an issue where castles in the friendzone did not properly display when Blings were used to request a validation.
  • Resolved an issue where the wrong message was used upon dying in Ubisoft castles.
  • Resolved an issue where the client crashed after pressing ALT + F4 with a tooltip open.
  • Resolved an issue where the Knight could be unresponsive when holding the key of Dragon Slash while being out of mana.

Note: Due to the functionality of the replays, all replays prior this update have become invalid.

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