The homepage has been revamped to put more emphasis on your castle. We've released an alpha version of displaying your castle's "estimated value" in blings. The estimated value is based on various elements such as your castle's progression, its contents based on materials and barricades, as well as visual customization and is only displayed to the castle's owner. This feature is still work-in-progress.

Castle Banners
The color of a castle's banner is now based on the castle's win ratio. Castles that frequently win have a red banner, indicating a potentially dangerous castle. Castles that are easily defeated have a green banner, whereas castles that maintain a balanced winning ratio have a yellow banner. Ubisoft-created castles always have a blue banner.

New Rare Trap
A rare trap has been added to the game, called the Hot Roller. This rare trap can be crafted using rare materials in your Crafting Lab for a limited time only. Deadlier than the notorious Hamster Wheel, the Hot Roller inflicts massive burning damage to anyone it collides with.

The notoriously rare Devlin has gone into hiding and can no longer be crafted at this time.

Crafting Materials
Materials of the same type now stack up to 999 units in your hero inventory.

Visual ImprovementsEdit

Improved the appearance of following 3D castle miniatures:

  • Royal Opulencian
  • Spooky Keep
  • Golden Palace
  • Aged Oak
  • Spiky Spire
  • Snottingham
  • Marleybone's boss castle
  • Improved the visual quality of all region skies.
  • Improved the look of the blings gems inside the Bling mines.

Cornelius' EmporiumEdit

Cornelius announces new products, promotions and sales in his emporium using special tags in the shop.

Game CreditsEdit

The in-game credits have been updated to include our latest batch of founders, which have purchased a Double O High Roller pack during the Closed Beta. Thank you for your support.

Price AdjustmentsEdit

We've reduced the Blings price on all Exceptional gear in the Blacksmith, excluding the limited edition "Watch_Dog" items:

  • Weapons are now 40 Currency Bling Bling
  • Chestplates are now 30 Currency Bling Bling
  • Helmets are now 15 Currency Bling Bling
  • Shoulderpads are now 15 Currency Bling Bling
  • Gloves are now 15 Currency Bling Bling
  • Capes are now 20 Currency Bling Bling
  • Necklaces are now 20 Currency Bling Bling
  • Rings are now 10 Currency Bling Bling


Tombstone Farming
We've made changes to how tombstones are generated in a castle to address some cases where heroes would let themselves die repeatedly on purpose to generate many tombstones for the defender. The same hero dying repeatedly in a castle will no longer create multiple tombstones. Additionally, tombstones will only be created if the attack originates from the Attack Selection, which uses a matchmaking algorithm. The amount of tombstones a castle can hold at any given time remains at 10.

Trap Quantities in the Emporium
We've increased the amount of traps given to new players at the start of the game. The Cornelius Emporium now contains more of the following traps:

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue where blings loot drops would display as lifeforce.
  • Fixed a display issue on health bars in the attack HUD for Boss creatures.
  • Fixed a bug where the homepage that incorrectly displayed your castle as "Easy "
  • Fixed a bug where tombstones sometimes wouldn't appear in a castle.
  • Fixed a UI bug where the screen prompting you to purchase more Blings appeared underneath a building's upgrade panel when attempting to pay for the upgrade using blings.
  • Fixed a bug where the healing Bone Pupeteer would heal barricades.
  • Fixed a crash when equipping items on a hero just bought with FreeTrial.
  • Fixed some UI bugs during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug with the Archer's Hawk Harass and Hawk Dive skills at rank 3, which would sometimes cause them to not function correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with the Runaway's Teen Spirit skill and the shield values per enemy defeated.
  • Fixed some issues with creature tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where Bone Puppeteers would resurrect sick bag-of-bone creatures.

Known IssuesEdit

  • We're aware of an exploit that allows some players to use sick bosses that are much higher level than their castle. This issue specifically occurs with sick versions of Flameo, the Terroraptor and Dragonificus. Those three sick creatures will see their stats drastically reduced (making them obsolete) in the following days. Warning, Please adjust your defense accordingly.
  • The Runaway lost her red hair stand and her fx in the diamond packs, but this should be resolved soon.
  • Ballistic cannon continue to target the hero even if they are disabled with skill traps.
  • In the tutorial on the Hero Selection screen, the archer tooltips display an old skill.
  • Build menu shortcut is not aligned properly in windowed mode when user launches the game for the first time
  • Cornelius' voice has been turned off during the new user experience.
  • We're continuing to address tooltip issues displaying incorrect information:
    • Creature & trap damage
    • Hero stats (DPS)
    • Hero skills (cooldown/mana/damage)
  • Some long creature names may be cut in the HUD.
  • The user interface may not refresh or display everything correctly.
  • Some words are misplaced in the User Interface.
  • Lag can occur in the inventory
  • The text may become difficult to read in certain screen resolutions or certain UI panels.
  • Some creatures of the same family have the same icon.
  • Some texts are difficult to read due to font changes.
  • After removing a creature in the castle it may not immediately appear in the castle inventory. The creature will appear after restarting the game.
  • Equipping items, dyes and skills using a single click doesn't work. Please use drag & drop (click & hold).
  • The special tag for the new unlocked items doesn't appear in the crafting lab.

That is all for now. As always, we're waiting for your feedback in the comment section and on our forums.

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