Sicks’ days are running out - Phase One


That’s right; the days of Sick Creatures/Traps are almost over. These weak creatures (and traps) that are littering the beautiful land of Opulencia are expiring.


This week, we launch phase one. All sick creatures located in the castle inventory will be removed.


Quick recap of all three phases:

Phase one: All sick creatures located in the castle inventory will be removed.

Phase two: Upon launching a castle validation, each creatures currently located in the castle will be removed.

Phase three: All remnants of the sick creatures will be removed.

Note that the castle will remain in a validated state minus the sick creatures or traps.

New Rare Trap - Slowtorch


For this pack we've created a new Trap, the Slowtorch.


The Slowtorch is a double-headed rotating fireball cannon, firing bursts of two slow missiles.

It's a great way to both deal damage, and control the area "shoot'em up style"!


The Runaway is free this week!

This week, the Runaway is available for free from Thursday 12h00pm until the beginning of next week. The same conditions as usual apply to get a discount on its cost in Blings:

Reach level 5: 50 Blings discount

Reach level 10: 150 Blings discount

Reach level 12: 350 Blings discount

Reach level 15: 650 Blings discount

Rare Creature of the Week


Due to special circumstances, the Ring of Mojo will remain available for an extra week. Get it while you can!

General Pow has been removed from the crafting lab.

Skelethor will be available to craft in limited quantity (2).

Bug Fix


Resolved an issue where the text is displayed on the primary layer when multiple pop-up windows are open at the same time.

Resolved an issue where you could no longer use your abilities when attacking a castle while some text is pending submission in the chat window.

Resolved an issue where the chat was not enabled upon completion of the new player experience.

Resolved an issue where Objectives panel are always shown on the top layer.

Resolved an issue where Flameo had borrowed Baron Snarleybone's icon.

Resolved an issue where the Ring of Mojo had no picture on the Steam Market.

Resolved an issue where an action which disabled the castle creation rollback did not trigger the warning correctly.

Resolved an issue where the price in materials displayed were either too low or too high when crafting gear.

Resolved an issue where the message "Welcome to Clan" could randomly be displayed.

Resolved an issue where Steam login could expire which resulted in infinite loading screen upon booting the game.


Note: Due to the functionality of the replays, all replays prior this update, have become invalid

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