Greetings Opulencians,

Here are the changes brought to the game by our latest patch:


Several skills in the game have been updated as part of our ongoing balancing . The biggest change is to the healing component of certain skills, which has been replaced with another defensive ability. Read on for more details about the changes to skills.


  • Healing Strike:
    • The healing effect has been removed.
    • Now creates a shield that absorbs damage, lasting up to 8 seconds.
    • The skill is now named Shielding Strike.
  • Jab:
    • Cooldown reduced to 0.2 seconds.
    • Mana cost increased to 8.
  • Punt:
    • Changed the aiming mechanic of this skill so that it works in whatever direction the mouse cursor is facing, rather than automatically targeting the closest enemy. This lets you have more control over how you use Punt.


  • Death Bolt:
    • Now creates a shield that absorbs damage for up to 4 seconds and weakens the attacks of the targeted creature.
  • Death Grip:
    • The healing effect has been removed.
    • Now increases your Armor by +5% per affected Creature up to 200% total.
    • The armor buff disperses when you stop casting the spell.
    • Increased the cooldown to 7 seconds.
  • Fireball:
    • The time between casting the spell and the impact of the projectile has been reduced. The area of effect is the same across all the levels of the skill. Both impact damage and damage over time affect the same area.

Staying on the topic of balancing, here are the changes to the Creatures:

Bad Dog:

  • Improved the creature's harassing capabilities
    • Added 30% Snare Resistance.
    • Movement speed increased from 4 to 5.5 meters per second.
    • Easier navigation when in large groups (seems legit, it's a pack creature!).
    • New quicker attack.
  • New “Howl” Buff
    • Increases the movement speed for every creature in a 5 meter radius for 5 seconds by 30%.
    • Buff Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • New health values:
Bad Dog Level Health
Tier 1 12 458
Tier 2 16 618
Tier 3 20 778
Tier 4 24 938
Tier 5 28 1098


  • Improved the creature's ability to harass the attacker
    • Added 30% Snare Resistance
    • Easier navigation in large groups
    • New quicker attack
  • New “Howl” Buff
    • Increases the movement speed of every creature in a 5 meter radius for 5 seconds by 30%
    • Increases the snare resistance of every creature in a 5 meter Radius for 5 seconds (except for Bad Dog and Bad Dog Elite) by +60%
    • Buff Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • New health values:
Mittens Level Health
Tier 1 16 860
Tier 2 20 1100
Tier 3 24 1580
Tier 4 28 1860

Crowns systemEdit

  • We've made changes to how often the same attacker gives crowns to the defender. As a defender, you will now gain crowns by beating the same attacker once per 24 hour period, up from 15 minutes. This addresses an exploit where some players would let themselves die intentionally in a castle to boost that player's crowns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused defenders to win Crowns from much higher level attackers who died in their castle even though the big difference in the number of Crowns between the attacker and the defender should result in no Crowns gained/lost on either side.


  • Destructible barricades can be placed to hinder an attacker's passage in your castle and provide some temporary cover for your creatures. You can find barricades in the Architect's Office. More barricades will be coming soon, including a 1x3 crate variant available in either gold or blings.

Other changes and noveltiesEdit

  • Cornelius has reorganized his store counters to make it easier for his customers to find the Castle Themes, Costumes and Pets that they desire. Visit his shop by clicking on the button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Reduced the occurrence of a bug that caused animated loading icons to remain stuck on the screen.
  • Upgrading your Castle buildings is now easier: open the specific building's window by clicking on the menu icons in the center-top of the screen (or by using the F1 to F6 keys) then click on the up-arrow next to the X button of the building's interface that pops-up on the left side of the screen.
  • The Watch_Dogs and Chickenwalk castles in the Competition Zone have been demolished. I wonder what construction project will spring up in their place...

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