Hello Opulencians,

Today we have deployed a new Patch in-game, and as promised there is a first round of Balancing in it! Were the infamous Zekes reworked? Is the supremacy of the Headshot specialization soon to be over?

Patch NotesEdit


A first round of Balancing has been done to the Creatures. This first round concerns Elite Creatures:


  • Zeke’s attack “Headshot” now deals 10% less damage. The arrow speed has been slightly reduced, and Crits were removed on all levels
  • Zeke’s attack “Spread Eagle” now deals more damage, with a cooldown between arrows reduced by 0.5s on all levels

Please keep in mind that this is only the first round of Balancing we are implementing in the game. More will follow with the next Patch, and with a next one, and so on. Your feedback will, as always, be critical to us, so please keep commenting in the forums!

Known IssuesEdit

Here is a recap of the known issue and their current status.

Authentication Error
As stated in the previous Development Update, the Authentication Error has been fixed for 95% of our players.

If you keep encountering this error, please create a ticket!

Minimum Requirements Error
We keep on working toward optimizing the game so that it runs on as many configurations as possible.

We would like to remind our player that the “Minimum Requirement Error” message is not arbitrary: if you are encountering it, your current configuration simply cannot run the game. The game would crash if we were to let you bypass that message.

The good news is, 95% of you guys have a good enough configuration to actually run the game! The only issue is the following: you absolutely need to have updated drivers.

Please check your Video Card manufacturer’s website to check if your drivers are up-to-date - it will solve the issue for the immense majority of you!

If you keep encountering Minimum Requirements errors having updated your drivers, please create a ticket.

Issues with the Tutorial
Some of our users have encountered issues in our Tutorial. Here are the three behaviours we have identified:

If you happen to be in one of these situations, please create a ticket. We will unlock your account manually while we fix the root cause. If you want more information, click here!

Some users have also stated that they were locked in the Tutorial because they didn’t have any clear objectives to attain anymore. It is simply because you need to level up to level 4 to kill Count Snottingham to get to the next step!

If you encounter any other issue with the Tutorial, please let us know in the forums!

Castle Defense Exploit
Some of our users have found an exploit to keep their Castle from being attackable. We have found the issue and started solving it manually with existing users. It will be fixed definitely in one of our next Patches.

User Interface/Inventory Lag or Bugs Some of our users have difficulties equipping/removing certain pieces of Gear, such as the 2nd Ring. Tooltips also sometime fail to appear while hovering the mouse over an item. This is being tackled as we speak and will be fixed in our next patch.

Some of our users are also experiencing UI lags after playing for a certain amount of time, or after following a set of steps in the game. This is a rather large issue that we will keep working on in the future. Fixes will regularly come to enhance the situation, and everything will be fixed once we ultimately integrate a new User Interface system in the game.

Next week’s Patch will actually fix a memory leak issue that could generate lag when watching a lot of replays.

That’s all for now!

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