We've updated the base cost to upgrade your equipment in the Forge and boy is it cheaper. The new costs (excluding additional costs per magical property, which have stayed the same) are as follow:

Patch 20150514 PatchnoteUK

  • In competition castles, the timer of the best player will now be displayed instead of one's own personal timer.
  • We have improved the collision/pathfinding issues that came from the GlobulEye creatures. It is now much easier to navigate around them.
  • We have added new, clearer icons for the different types of XP potions.
  • We have NOT changed the pivot point of the Chargoyle based on players’ feedback :)
  • The games pause menu and settings have been ported to the new UI framework for improved performance and many UI interaction bug fixes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where players may have been prevented from buying daily deals, even though they had enough currency
  • Fixed a bug where pressing [backspace] while the friend search interface is hidden would cause some UI elements to disappear
  • Fixed an issue where if the player is in the attack selection and panning the camera, pressing ESC would cause the camera to spin out of control
  • We now close the friend notification properly when opening any menu
  • We have now canceled [Pause] when the loading sequence starts
  • Fixed button reactions when the player presses [Collect] when purchasing a Material Pack
  • Removed the "You need to validate your castle" message from the quit game screen during the introduction tutorials
  • Fixed the issue where the player would no longer be able to interact with the game if they opened the in-game menus/setting menus during the Tutorials
  • We now apply the discount when checking if the player can afford something that is discounted
  • Fixed the icon of the Amanuensis Cape in the Buy Back menu
  • Fixed the crash that could happen after the player refreshes the Attack selection following a paid validation
  • Fixed an issue where If the mage used electric charge inside the Cold Holder, it removed all negative buffs
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip would not show for the chat bubble
  • Fixed rare issue where some castles would not appear in the attack selection on occasion
  • Fixed issue where creature may not attack the hero when they are pressing against barricades
  • Fixed issue where knights could use impact skills though hidden gates.
Known Issue
  • When changing settings, you will be greeted by a confirmation dialogue intended only for video settings, thus the accept/cancel functions are non-operational in these instances. The dialogue will be removed for these settings in a future patch.

Note: Due to the functionality of the replays, all replays prior this update have become invalid.

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