• Since too many side effects of the recent pathfinding modification are still happening, we're reverting it to its previous version. We're still working on it, but we'll do more back and forth with the community on a test server before putting it on the live version. Our goal is to reach the best control possible, and we'll keep putting efforts on that subject.

  • Defense Item selections now have a new, clearer white outline when selected rather than the yellow glow.
  • Defense items being placed behind walls now have their footprint & outline visible through walls for easier building.
  • All other attackable elements (Mines, Barricades…) now have a red outline (and inner glow) when targeted to match the visual feedback of targeting creatures.
  • Hero silhouettes when obscured are now a little bolder for better clarity.
  • Game loading times have been slashed in half!
  • Material costs are a little cheaper... The overall cost of upgrading any item in Hard Shell has been slashed in half!
  • Fixed an issue were the Mage was able to use the Electric Charge when affected by Silence.
  • Tweaked the Haunted Gramophone effect zone to better match the FX.
  • Disabled text in the In Game menus is now white instead of faded
  • Large optimisations made on game engine side to improve performance in:
    • Castles with many creatures active at the same time.
    • Large castles with many gameplay elements triggering lots of FX.

Bug Fixes
  • Fix tooltip position so it's always displayed entirely on screen.
  • Formalized flow in the settings to only show the keep settings for the video settings (resolution, window type and shaders)
  • Fix a crash that may occur when leaving a replay
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible that the warning message that appears when the player chooses their display name was partially or completely hidden
  • Fixed basic attack information in Mana Feratu's tooltip

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