New Features:

Big Changes to the Materials
The changes to the Materials are finally here. What does it mean and how will it affect your game? Let us tell you…

3 of the Common Materials (Explodium, Eau de Trappe, Cursed Cog) have been removed and replaced by Smoldering Eye. All Creatures, Traps and Equipment which used those Materials in the Crafting Lab/Blacksmith now will use Smoldering Eyes instead.

3 of the Exceptional Materials (Essence of Awesomeness, Hard Shell and Limbo Dust) have also been removed. Essence of Awesomeness will be replaced by Sacred Branch, Hard Shell by Forgotten Stone and Limbo Dust by Long Horn.

The cost of the following Creatures will be affected:

The cost of the following Traps will be affected:

The Damage Rune (for the Totems) is also affected.

The cost of the following Items will be affected:

Since we will be exchanging the removed Materials for the new Materials, if you were saving up to craft one of the above mentioned items, you'll still be able to craft them, hopefully faster now.

Hey, who let all those Revenants in here?
This week, we decided to bring back the whole gang instead of a new creature. Yup, for one week only, every single Weekly Creature or Trap is back. So, what are you waiting for? Get crafting!

Loot Drop System
As mentioned in our article last week, we also modified the loot drop system so that the drops would be more consistent and give us more control. We will be balancing this in future packs.

Bug Fix:Edit

  • An issue were Audio sounded compressed has now been resolved
  • Numerous random crash issues reported from the last pack are now resolved.
  • Out of Mana feedback around screen has now been re-enabled
  • Minor fixes to video settings buttons
  • AN issue where some events/traps would not play their SFX has now been resolved
  • Fireblob missile alignment has been tweaked

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