Blacksmith: Gear CraftingEdit

Your local blacksmith has learnt how to transform undesirable items into usable gear. The Blacksmith building now has 4 ranks, compared to the previous 6 ranks. As you upgrade the Blacksmith, you’ll unlock the ability to work with higher quality items.

There are two new functions of the forge:

  • Craft: Crafting lets you put in multiple items of an inferior quality to craft one item of higher quality. For example, transform 6 common items into 1 magical item.
  • Reforge: Reforging allows you to take an item of the same quality and level, and rerolls the item type and stats. This is a great way to use up an item that isn’t for your Hero.

The item level of both crafted and reforged items is dependent on the level of the items used as components.

You can still purchase gear in the Blacksmith like before. These items are located under the “Items” tab.

Inventory Tab PricesEdit

The introduction of gear crafting means there will be more pressure on inventory space, as you’ll likely want to keep your unwanted gear so it can be crafted into something useful. With this in mind, we’ve lowered the price of purchasing additional inventory space.

Balance ChangesEdit

We’ve made two changes to game balance in this update, which we think will open up some interesting attrition-based strategies. Our intention was to make all creatures play a role in dealing damage to the heroes. To achieve this, we’ve reduced the amount of health orbs an attacker will find. In addition, we’ve also changed the Fire Mine’s radius so that it remains a viable defensive tactic without insta-killing attackers at full health. The details of those changes can be read below:

  • Health Orbs now drop less frequently, down by 25%.

This means attackers will receive less health during an attack, and defenders can rely more on attrition to chip away damage from attackers.

We are bringing them closer to other mines (ex: glue, corrosive). Their blast radius goes from 2.4 meters to 1.4 meters.

Welcome PageEdit

Upon logging into the game, you’ll be greeted by an interactive news page, all without leaving the comfort of your castle. Keep an eye on the contents of this page as we’ll be showcasing gear crafting. You can open the welcome page by clicking on its button near the chat window.

New ContentEdit

New Epic weapons are available to be looted in Opulencia.

We’ve also added some new pets and costumes, available at the Cornelius Emporium.

New SoundsEdit

  • The music in Defense has been reworked with less celtic sonorities.
  • Setting up creature aggro zones now has audio feedback.
  • Camera rotations now apply a woosh sound.
  • During test attacks and castle validation the hero barks are disabled.
  • Sound when your gold & life force mines are being repaired.
  • Rage buff now applies a sound.
  • Count Snottingham no longer shares some sounds with Snotters on certain animations.
  • Captain Clubbage also has his own unique sounds on certain animations.
  • New sound for ‘Your castle won’ screen.
  • Sounds when interacting with machineries, such as selecting, rotating and picking them up.

Bug FixesEdit

  • We fixed an issue where pets were unintentionally picking up Health Orbs. Pets will continue to pick up gold, life force and loot.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the tutorial to block if you restarted the game after quitting the treasure room of the first tutorial castle.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented you to move items around in your inventory.
  • A low level character is no longer able to destroy a mine (Gold or Life-force) with one hit.
  • We fixed a bug with Chain Lightning that allowed that spell to pass through pillars.
  • You can now preview castle themes even if your castle is empty.
  • We fixed a bug in Dragonificus Castle with Cyclops being too passive. They will now attack you.
  • We fixed a bug related to switching heroes and using an XP boost.
  • We fixed a bug that caused some players to remain stuck in a loading screen when escaping a castle.
  • We fixed a UI bug that could occur when moving a trap.
  • Many minor issues have also been fixed.

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