Hello Opulencians,

This week's big patch brings more content, improvements and fixes to the game. Check out the detailed list below:

New Features (sit down, relax…)

New Core Attack Experience (Turbo!)Edit

  • Movement speed raised for all heroes:
    • The Knight is now the fastest hero, followed by the Runaway.
    • The Mage and the Archer are slightly slower (they share the same speed).
  • All heroes now have passive Mana regeneration:
    • Mage and Runaway share the same passive Mana regeneration, at 5 points per second.
    • The Knight and the Archer share the same passive Mana regeneration, at 4 points per second.
  • All Heroes now regenerate Mana when they hit a target with their weapons and each weapon gives a different amount of Mana.
  • Heroes now have a slow Health regeneration over time.
  • All Heroes Health reduced by 20%.
  • New “Out of Mana” feedback around screen edges.
  • New “Out of Health” feedback around screen edges.
  • All skills and weapons have been modified to offer more reactivity and a better responsiveness.
    • Every attack is composed with a prepare, an active, and a recovery time. During the prepare and the recovery time, the Hero can't move. So we worked very hard to almost remove those durations (which was preventing you, our favorite player, from dodging that sneaky Cyclops about to punch the lovely face of your hero). In short, it's more responsive.
  • All weapons now have different trails and impact FX depending on the quality.
  • Weapon damage has been reduced by 15%.
  • New “Sprint” feature:
  • Heroes gain a short acceleration boost when starting their movement.
  • Slightly reduced heros Movement skills maximum distance.

• Heroes can now only have a maximum of 3 health potion when attacking.


  • Slightly raised HP gained per level.
  • Bigger hit zones for the weapons.


  • New Mana cost table:

Patch 20141113 Mana cost table knight


  • Stun duration decreased from 0.9 to 0.6 sec.

Stunning Blow:

  • No longer knocks back. Stun duration reduced from 3 to 2 sec.

Flame Coat new duration :

  • Tier 1 = 4 sec ; Tier 2 = 5 sec ; Tier 3 = 6 sec.

King Dragon Slash is now a Charge Up skill, allowing you to cancel. Hold to charge, release to trigger the skill.


  • Passive Mana Regen remains unchanged at 4 mana per sec.
  • Swords generate 7 mana per hit (from 6).
  • Axes generate 6 mana per hit (from 8).
  • Hammers remain unchanged at 10 mana per hit.



  • New Mana cost table:

Patch 20141113 mana cost table archer

Bear Trap:

  • Speed and Armor debuff decreased from -70% to -50%, duration reduced from 5 to 4 sec.
  • Stun duration reduced from 1.3 to 1 sec. Mana cost raised from 25 to 30.


  • Duration decreased from 6 to 4 sec. Movement debuff reduced from -75% to -50%.

Spiral Shot:

  • Knockback duration decreased from 1 to 0.5 sec.

Frozen Arrow:

  • Debuff duration decreased from 6 to 4 sec.

Hawk: Harass:

  • Stun duration reduced from 5 to 3 sec.


  • Invulnerability removed.


  • Passive Mana Regen remains unchanged at 4 mana per sec.
  • Ballista crossbows generate 7 mana per hit (from 4).
  • Splitshot crossbows generate 7 mana per hit (from 10).
  • Repeater crossbows remain unchanged at 1 mana per hit.



  • New Mana cost table:

Patch 20141113 mana cost table mage

Death Bolt:

  • Is now a Charge Up skill. Life Shield removed.


  • Stun duration decreased from 6 to 4 sec.

Electric Charge:

  • Invulnerability removed.


  • Mana Pool halved, from 200 to 100 (As the skills Mana cost, so nothing really changed...).
  • Passive Mana Regen set to 5 mana per sec (from 10).
  • Fire staves generate 5 mana per hit (from 0).
  • Lightning staves generate 5 mana per hit (from 0).
  • Arcane staves generate 5 mana per hit (from 0).


  • Weapons behavior streamlined, Scythe and Greatspears now have their own playstyle.
  • Greatspear : Poking attacks that push back the enemies.
  • Scythe : Vertical cleave attacks.


  • New mana cost table:

Patch 20141113 mana cost table runaway


  • Stun duration reduced. Tier 1 from 1.6 to 0.8 sec ; Tier 2 from 1.6 to 1 sec ; Tier 3 from 1.6 to 1.3 sec.


  • Damage decreased by 10%.


  • Passive Mana Regen set to 5 mana per sec (from 10).
  • Halberd weapons generate 8 mana per hit (from 0).
  • Bardiche weapons generate 6 mana per hit (from 0).
  • Ranseur weapons generate 5 mana per hit (from 0).


  • Temporary Stun Resistance has been removed from the creatures.
  • Bosses are now immune to control.
  • Slightly raised Bosses HP.
  • Guardians (except Bodyguard):
  • Protective Aura is no longer active if the Guardian is stunned.


  • Traps timing have been modified to adapt to the new Heroes movement speed.


  • New camera height and 4 additional angles (8 total, every 45°).

Double tapping on the camera rotation key will do a 90° rotation.

  • New Mouse cursor.

Creature buffed using totems
  • It is now possible to use runes on totems ! Those runes will temporary boost all the creatures linked to the totem, using the following rules :
    • The boost timer starts only once the castle has been validated.
    • A boosted creature or totem can receive the same boost without requiring a validation, as long as the castle has not changed.
    • Applying a new boost overwrites the current one. Unless it’s the same boost being applied, in which case they will stack.
  • The totem now has its very own tab in the Crafting lab, where you can find these runes.
  • Runes we have are:
    • Armor Rune - Armor and Magical Resistance Boost
    • Damage rune - Damage Boost

Video recording
  • You now have the ability to record videos in all areas of Mighty Quest!
  • Use the new record button on the bottom right of your screen to record your game play

Patch 20141113 record sign

  • Recorded videos are stored in your windows user "Videos" directory
  • A shortcut to this directory with a counter for the number of recorded videos has been added to the right of the record button

Patch 20141113 save sign

  • The encoding format is Bandicams Capture Codec:

New ContentEdit


  • Last week's wanted trap, the Sadistic Cannon has been removed and replaced by the new terrifying Derplicator!
    • Check out the upcoming news for more info!


  • Introducing the Material-O-Matic!
    • The Material-O-Matic can be purchased in the Cornelius Emporium and will produce a pack of 10 materials each 24h period (that can be collected like a regular mine.) It cannot be removed once it is placed and is limited to one per castle.
    • For each 24h during which the pack is not collected, the pack will evolve with a better mix of Common/Exceptional/Legendary/Epic materials. There are 6 different evolutions.
    • The Material-O-Matic can also be destroyed in attack, allowing the attacker to harvest at least 2 materials. This will also makes the current pack go down by one level.


User interfaceEdit

  • The Cornelius Emporium button has been modified and moved next to the machineries buttons
  • The boost duration information has been moved lower in the boost tooltip
  • The combat text fonts have been updated for the following actions :
    • Block & Absorbed
    • Silenced
    • Confused
    • Stunned
    • Poisonned
    • Critical
    • Numerical value
  • The item quality has been added in the crafting material tooltips.

User Interface PerformanceEdit

  • We are aware of the many slow/laggy/unresponsive User Interface issues you are experiencing and this pack provides a very large update to replace UI elements. Over the last few months we have been porting our User Interface system into new technology that will allow faster development for the dev team and far less lag for our players.
  • Items that have been fully replaced are:
  • The goal was to port these as close as possible, you will see a few minor differences (in tool tip presentation for example), minor issues (mainly in sorting and 3D object clipping) but also improvements (drag and drop working consistently and between tabs in the hero inventory along with click then click to drop) but players should see a very large speed improvement in the UI panels listed above (minor issues will be resolved in further updates).

Crafting labEdit

  • The crafting lab will now be available at level 4 instead of level 10. Users with a castle between level 4 and 10 will have their crafting lab unlocked and the linked tutorial will be automatically activated.
  • The crafting lab has new upgrade levels from 11 to 14.
  • Creatures, traps and buildings' upgrade levels have been reshuffled. It is possible that creatures that you used to be able to craft are no longer available at your current Crafting Lab level. The re-shuffling was done to have a better selection of creatures every time you unlock a new level.”
  • The changes do not affect your crafting lab level. If your pre-patch crafting level used to be 7, it will still be level 7. You might have some new creatures that you couldn’t craft before and others which you used to be able to craft, but the level did not change.”


  • The boosted creature FX has been modified to show floating embers rather than an overpowering beam.
  • A more specific sound is now displayed when collecting tombstones.
  • Some improvements have been done on sound effects to increases differences between direct and indirect damage.
  • The limit of Mr. Squiddling that a user can purchase is now set to 1.
  • The lowest camera zoom distance has been increased.


  • Fixed a crash while switching tabs in the Cornelius Emporium during the tutorial when placing a gold mine
  • Fixed a crash when buying a goldmine during the tutorial.
  • Smelly Warrior - Heavy Handed, Trap Smelly Archer, Sniper Smelly Archer, Hungerbot - Fatal Attraction, Ground Punch Cyclop are now doing the correct damages while they are boosted.
  • The User won't get stuck anymore when attempting to pass on the right side of a Totem placed in a corridor.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking in the hero inventory and then on the attack mode button.
  • The pet will now correctly be refreshed in the 3D preview once it is equipped, unequipped or replaced.
  • Collecting a tombstone won't reset all other previously collected tombstones anymore if the materials dropped reach their max and the inventory is full.
  • All mines have now complete tooltip descriptions.
  • Some mage cape and epaulet icons have been updated to be more similar to the 3D model.
  • The boost icons are now correctly displayed in the hero inventory
  • Tooltips are now correctly displayed on the items present in the buy back tab of the crafting lab.
  • When players have new items in their shops and hover a cursor on them, the count of the items highlight and the icon highlight disappear correctly.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when attempting to forge an item with blings .
  • Fixed a network error while placing a creature or room while rolling back.
  • All Hungerbots (and their Elite counterparts) have now the right icons in the inventory.
  • The objective "Add a Room to your Castle" will not get completed without satisfying the required condition.
  • If the amount of gold or life force hits 6 digits, the display should now be correct in the victory screen.
  • When the inventory is full, purchasing a Material Pack redirects the player back to the correct “Buy Back” page.
  • Fixed an exploit where users could farm experience with higher level castles filled with sick creatures (sorry guys…)
  • The selected tabs versus the disabled tabs are now correctly displayed in the shop during the new player experience.
  • The Spike and Acid Traps patterns are now correct
  • If you are the first to read up to this point, redeem this code to win 4 rare creatures: thisisasurprise
  • New icons have been added for the throne room and the entrance in the decoration gauge
  • Game crashed at the entrance of the room while validating the castle
  • Fixed a crash occurring for some users at the launch
  • The correct message is now displayed when our beloved new players try to upgrade their castle heart during the potion brewery tutorial
  • Game crashed while switching inventory slots in the Reforge Magic Section and changing the hero : this is now fixed
  • The player won't be stuck in the tutorial by fast skipping or clicking on all panels before the First Raid Castle.
  • The skill pop up is correctly displayed when the user has to equip a skill at level 3

Known issuesEdit

  • Modifying the the pace in attack made the picking more demanding to the player.
    • We are currently looking into solutions to fix the issue.
  • Some creatures Tooltips are displaying wrong amount of damage.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more news and keep on looting!

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