Hello Opulencians,

This week's patch brings more content, improvements and fixes to the game. Check out the detailed list below:

New ContentEdit

  • The rare and Powerful Skelethor has been retired for a special Mighty Quest Haunted Halloween Surprise...
  • It seems that our previous Wanted Creatures could not be contained any longer; their excitement over Halloween (or maybe Material Candies…) has forced us to let them out! It’s time for them to Trick and Treat!
    • The first to come knocking on your door is the Rancid Runner disguised as Fuming Frank!
    • He spent all week making his creepy Halloween costume from the castle drapes which for some reason had a special magical property... Check out the upcoming news for more info!




  • Cornelius's dialog lines have been reworked and reduced.


  • An item placed in the forge can be replaced by another item simply by right-clicking on it.


  • The 60% materials drop rate increase has become permanent!


  • Sounds and music will now stop instantly when quitting the game.
  • Fixed a crash while exiting the game.
  • Switching to another region and coming back to the home menu, won't make the home menu ambiance change to the new region anymore.
  • Bone Puppeteers won't spawn sick bag of bones anymore while they are boosted.
  • Dashing Cyclops tooltips won't display the wrong ability anymore.
  • Fixed an FX issue when users entered in a totem's aggro zone.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed users to get several free heroes by using hacks.
  • Fixed some incorrect information displayed in the Enrager Bone Puppeteer and the Wall Guardian's tooltips.
  • Stare Master and Eyemax creatures now have proper shadows.
  • Objectives now correctly refresh the "new" icon once they are checked.
  • The Archer skill "Volley" used in a opened room won't cause the FX to be played outside the castle non-stop anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Ballistic Cannons to lose their target and stop rotating correctly.
  • Item upgrades: Fixed some incorrect Life Force prices on Epic items at levels 21 and 22.
  • Fixed an issue were Totems could be placed side by side.
  • Fixed an exploit where user could use the totem to have infinite defense point with boostable creatures.
  • Fixed issues when after validating a castle, clicking its grayed out button will disable all attack buttons of other castle pop ups.

That's it for now.

Stay tuned for additional news and until then:

Keep Looting!

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