Hello Opulencians,

This week's patch brings more content, improvements and fixes to the game. Check out the detailed list below:



  • Trick or treat! This week's treat is an increase in the drop rate of crafting materials by 25%!

In addition to dropping more frequently, we've increased the chances of acquiring certain materials that were more commonly used.



  • Fixed an issue where the "Click here to continue" text in the Snottingham death static screen sometimes didn't appear

User Interface improvements

  • The creature's buff tooltip has been visually improved.
  • The Forge's upgrade button symbol has been changed.
  • The Cornelius Emporium button has been moved slightly to the center of the screen.

Sound Improvements

  • Improved the impact sounds system to emphasize the impact made by the hero's attack.
  • Added a generic critical hit impact sound.


  • Increased the default maximum foreground FPS for High and Ultra configurations
  • Consumable boosts for XP, Gold, Life Force and Magic Find can now also be found in your castle's Potion Brewery.


  • Kill all audio as soon as the game is shutting down to avoid leftover audio when the game window is already closed.
  • Hero dialogues and background sfx won't be audible during the castle end loading screen.
  • Fixed the issue occurring sometimes when watching a replay : an error message was displaying "invalid replay" but the video was still playing.
  • The ballistic cannon is now displaying an icon when it is locked.
  • When changing language on the chat the user won't remain on his previews language until he changes the channel anymore.
  • Fixed the visual of mouse cursor in the castle editor and in the escape menu.
  • Upgrading Epic Equipment from level 20 to 21 and 21 to 22 won't require the same amount of life force.
  • When selling an item that has no resell value, an appropriate sound is now played.
  • Fixed target attack not blocking the attack when the requirements were not met.
  • In the castle inventory, having a totem prevented the user from placing a Hungerbot. This is now fixed.

That's it for now.

Stay tuned for additional news and until then:

Keep Looting!

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