Hello Opulencians,

This week's patch brings more content, improvements and fixes to the game. Check out the detailed list below:

New FeaturesEdit

Creatures can now be boosted!

  • You can now craft temporary boosts for your creatures, which will last 24 hours. Boosting a creature grants it two bonuses:
First, it will make it more effective at its primary function.
Second, it will increase its health by 30%.

Leveling gear with ingredients

  • The Blacksmith has learnt how to increase the level of your gear using crafting materials.
  • However, the quality of your gear items won't change, but the stats will be increased according to the new level.
  • Hero gear cannot be upgraded more than level 30.
  • Some items have their own maximum level and named Items can’t be upgraded.
  • The maximum upgrade level is displayed in each gears tooltips.

New ContentEdit



Castle Validation

  • The castle validation price has been reduced to 10 Currency Bling Bling.



  • After placing traps in the tutorial, a trap card won't remain displayed near the Cornelius' Emporium icon.
  • Traps can now be rotated during the tutorial.
  • The player can now move the camera right at the beginning when they discover their castle.
  • A pop-up has been added after the second castle attack to explain to the user that he should continue attacking castles.
  • Snottingham's portrait has been added to the objectives panel when Snottigham has to be attacked.
  • In the Cornelius' Emporium, when a creature has been unlocked but the player used all of the available (placeable) quantities, we now show the amount that will be unlocked at the next upgrade.
  • A new assignment has been added when the user clicks on the potion brewery to indicate that he should upgrade the castle heart to use it.
  • If a creature has not been unlocked yet, we don't show any amount, and present the creature only with an outline, like in the crafting lab.
  • Filling up your Castles CP: the player is no longer forced to fill his castle CP to 100% to validate it.
  • When the player is asked to equip his hero, the filter in the user interface is now set on the gear filter instead of weapons.
  • Cornelius' text lines have been slightly reworked.

Various Improvements

  • The generic error popup has been visually improved.
  • The Ballistic Cannon icon has been improved in the crafting lab.
  • Graphical Improvements to Castle Victory Screen and Objective Pop-Ups


Known IssuesEdit

  • There's an inconsistency with the icon of the tabs for Material Packs.
  • Invalidated buffed creature icon is displayed over the creature buff panel.
  • The tooltips won’t appear when using the shortcut (4) to activate the magnifying glass tool.
  • The Objectives doesn't refresh the "new" icon once we've checked them.
  • When the inventory is full, purchasing a Material Pack redirects user to Crafting Lab “Buy Back” page even though Material Pack was purchased in Black Smith
  • Boost panel and creatures tooltips are displayed through creatures and some castle elements.

That's it for now.

Stay tuned for additional news and until then:

Keep Looting!

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