Hello Opulencians,

Another week, another Patch, another Patch Note news. That’s just how we roll.

New FeaturesEdit

Here come the Totems!

  • Totems can be crafted with Materials and allow you to create a powerful Defense setup in your Castle.
  • Once a Totem is placed in a Room, all Creatures placed in the Totem’s area of effect cannot escape its perimeter.
  • If an Attacker tries to pull the Creatures outside this zone, the Creatures will return to the Totem with their health regenerated.
  • Attackers can destroy the Totem in order to break the link and kite the Creatures.
  • They are currently capped at a maximum of two per Castle for their first outing BUT we need your help to make the feature evolve in the best possible way. Please give us your feedback in the comments and on the forums!
  • Check out the next news for more information on the Totems.

New ContentEdit

New CreaturesEdit

  • Time's up for the Rancid Runner ! Time to introduce our new rare Trap: The Chargoyle
  • Check out our upcoming news for more information!

New ItemsEdit

A secret stash of Legendary Opulencian weapons have been smuggled into the Cornelius Emporium:


  • Level 09 – Toothy Tuna / +12DPS, +6% Crit Dmg, +3% Att Speed
  • Level 12 – Hefty Haunch / +14DPS, +5% Stun Chance, +3% Att Speed
  • Level 15 – Clammy Cutter / +18DPS, +9% Crit Dmg, +5% Stun chance
  • Level 18 – Crystal Cleaver / +22DPS, +5% Stun chance, +26 Poison Dmg
  • Level 21 – Breakinstein / +26DPS, +6% Stun chance, +11% Crit Dmg


  • Level 09 – Oarmonger / +11DPS, +3% Crit Dmg, +4% Att Speed
  • Level 12 – Slicing Slicer / +14DPS, +5% Stun Chance, +4% Att Speed
  • Level 15 – En Garden Gnome / +18DPS, +9% Crit Dmg, +5% Snare chance
  • Level 18 – Bamboozler / +22DPS, +9% Crit Dmg, +25 Poison Dmg
  • Level 21 – Fisty Flinger / +25DPS, +7% Snare chance, +7% Stun chance



  • Level 9 – Beheading Bird / +14DPS, +8% Crit Dmg, +13 Poison Dmg
  • Level 12 – Hillbilly Hacker / +12DPS, +8% Crit Dmg, +4% Att Speed
  • Level 15 – Fist of Fury / +18DPS, +5% Crit Dmg, +5% Att Speed
  • Level 18 – Impaler/ +22DPS, +5% Stun chance, +5% Att Speed
  • Level 21 – In Slice Or / +26DPS, +32 Poison Dmg, +7% Snare chance

A short video presenting each weapon will follow shortly, stay tuned !


  • The Stare Master now has a more elaborate death animation
  • The button to access the Cornelius Emporium button & the one to access the Objectives are now closer to the Lobby Bar
  • Castle Themes’ names have been made more readable by changing their color
  • Flameo’s Castle Theme icon has been visually improved
  • Some polish has been done on the Runaway skills icons


To accommodate the big gameplay change brought on by the Totems, we have rebalanced Heroes and Creatures the following way:


  • Health increased by 40%
  • Damages increased by 300%


  • Health increased by 230%
  • Damages increased by 60%
  • General Pow
    • Added more Physical and Magical resistance
    • Decreased spawning and casting cooldown
    • Decreased Chicken Bomb casting time
    • Decreased the Chicken Bomb timer before explosion by 0.9 sec
    • Increased the Fear behavior delay timer by 1 sec
    • Increased the Chicken Bomb’s damage
    • Chicken Bomb now has more Physical and Magical resistance
    • Changed Defense Rating from 6 to 4
    • Added movement speed buff of 40% to Chicken Bombs
  • Webmaster 8.0
    • Knockback duration decreased from 0.75 to 0.65 sec
  • Flameo
    • Fire Breath damage reduced by 8%
  • Dampener
    • Bubble cooldown increased from 3.5 to 4 sec
  • Pete Poundmore
    • Removed the Critical Hit capacity
    • Reduced health by 30%


  • Ballistic Cannon
    • Cooldown increased from 0.65 to 0.85 sec
    • Radius decreased from 1.5 to 1.4 meters
    • Damage increased by 10%


  • All Barricades now have their own icons in the Castle Inventory
  • Camera rotation now works properly in Attack mode
  • The Treasure Room Roulette interface will not appear anymore when attacking again a Castle in which you have just gotten a Treasure Room Roulette reward
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Home or Attack buttons with other user interfaces open.
  • Fixed a bug where the Trap Generator linking beam was not valid when going from power supply to a valid Trap.
  • Unlocking a Hero in the Treasure Room Roulette while said Hero is in Free Trial will now correctly reward him/her to the player.
  • Marleybone will not summon cursed Skeletons anymore
  • If a Creature is too close to a Springboard, the Trap animation won't loop or won't push the Creature in the direction of the Trap anymore
  • The Bone Puppeteer & Dr. Skull’s resurrection ability does not raise cursed Skeletons anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where users sometimes did not receive their Blings at the end of a Competition.
  • Mage – Deathbolt: Fixed a bug causing the shield to be activated on cast instead of being activated when colliding with an enemy.
  • Fixed a crash occurring during the Tutorial or in Defense Mode when dragging a Mine outside the Castle

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