Hello Opulencians,

New week, new patch, new patchnote. Today we're introducing a new Wanted trap, a bunch of bug fixes, and some balancing changes we hope you'll like.

New ContentEdit

Time's up for Rambomb! Time to introduce our new rare Trap: Acid Cannon

Check out our upcoming news for more information!


After last week’s nerf, we decided to reduce Vortex Rift cool down to mitigate the loss of DPS.

  • Vortex Rift
    • Vortex Rift's cool down has been reduced from 12 sec to 9 sec.

Headbang is now a more efficient DPS/ Movement skill. Pyrotechnics’ charge time has been reduced to allow using it in combo with Mosh Pit.

  • Headbang:
    • Headbang distance increased from 3.5m to 5m (Tier 1 and 2)
    • Shorten the pause between casts (recover from 0.5sec to 0.3sec)
  • Pyrotechnics:
    • Pyrotechnics charge time reduced from 3 sec to 2.5 sec.


  • Maximum number of totem pass from 2 to 4
  • The HP have been increased by 50%


For a limited time, we’ve increased the drop rate on materials by over 60% !


  • New sounds have been integrated for the tombstones harvesting.
  • DirectX 9 multithreading optimization
  • During the tutorial, the number of barricades needed has been reduced to 3 and all barricade stacks have at least 3 barricades in the shop.
  • Dirt texture has been added around the castle heart railing and won't be cut abruptly in low level castle's treasure room anymore.
  • The [X] button of the “superhard castle” popup has been removed since the player can close it and get lost during the tutorial.
  • Barricades and Mines should now have a decent amount of health.

Bug fixesEdit

  • The banner on Snottingham's castle is now correctly centered.
  • In the attack selection, the miniature castles shouldn't be overlapping anymore.
  • The "aged oak" theme won't overlap on creature’s feet anymore.
  • Creatures now don't lose aggro and don't aggro if their target is unreachable.
  • Fixed a bug where creatures sometimes became invulnerable when attached to the totem.
  • Fixed a bug were the Ballistic cannons could not be rotated when placed in the build mode.
  • Crafting Material now always plays the right animation when dropped from a creature.
  • Fixed a bug were the Mage skill "Vortex Rift" failed to aggro creatures.
  • General Pow's animation where fire spinning appeared away from the bombs has been fixed.
  • Death Grip Tier 1 cool down is now correctly back to 1 second.
  • It will not be possible to consume health potion when the hero health is at the maximum.
  • Smelly warrior do not resurrect in a sick form in Durrrr's Castle anymore

Known IssuesEdit

  • The text “Absorbed” is displayed whenever skill “Vortex Rift” is used against any creature
  • The Acid Cannon projectile impact decal is offset.

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