Hello Opulencians,

This week's patch brings more content, improvements and fixes to the game. Check out the detailed list below:

Increased Drop Rate maintainedEdit

Last week, we introduced a temporary 60% increase in material drop rate. It looks like you enjoyed it, so we thought we would let materials rain for one more week. The 60% increase is maintained until next week.

New ContentEdit

It's time to say goodbye to the Acid Cannon! And to introduce our new "Wanted" defense item: The Super Trap Generator. Check out our upcoming news for more information!


  • Totem now restore their full health when the leashing is activated.



  • The tutorial now asks you to equip your hero with gear before attacking Snottingham.
  • During the tutorial, a pointing hand appears now on the Snottingham shortcut to help guide users to attack his castle.
  • Each objectives during the tutorial appears now shorter in the HUD.
  • The creature removal tool and the castle inventory will be enable when users are asked to place their creatures, but the sell button will be disabled.

Acid Cannon

  • The Acid Cannon and its effects have been visually improved.
  • The Acid Cannon has a new warning circle effect with a better timing.


  • Raised Skeletons won't attack Itsy Bitsy spiders before they spawn anymore.
  • Fixed a bug were the text “Absorbed” was displayed whenever skill “Vortex Rift” was used against any creature.
  • Fixed a crash when the user tried to aggro all the creatures and lure them back to the castle entrance.
  • Fixed a crash when closing the attack castle popup after having clicked on "more castles".
  • After the player chooses their Hero, if they pass the mouse over the other heroes they won't highlight anymore.

That's it for today Opulencians, we hope you like this patch, and we will come back to you soon with more news, so stay tuned...

May the loot be with you!

Undocumented ChangesEdit

  • Modification of the health points displayed in inventory, raising them by around 50%.
  • Modification of the dps displayed in inventory, increasing them by around 100%.

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