The Runaway plays a wide variety of guitars that also double as polearms.

Weapon TypesEdit

Archetype Targets/Range Damage Speed Mana Per Hit
WeaponType Spear Spear Single-target

Pushes the enemy back

Medium 1.80 (Medium) 5
WeaponType Great Axe Great Axe Multi-target

Hits enemies in an arc (180 degrees).

High 1.80 (Low) 6
WeaponType Scythe Scythe Multi-target

Hits enemies in a line

Low 2.00 (High) 7

Base Item TypesEdit

  • Scythe
  • Gothic Scythe
  • Burning Scythe
  • Metal Scythe

  • Greataxe
  • Gothic Greataxe
  • Burning Greataxe
  • Metal Greataxe

  • Greatspear
  • Gothic Greatspear
  • Burning Greatspear
  • Metal Greatspear

Named Runaway WeaponsEdit

See AlsoEdit

Runaway Equipment

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