Creatures Profile Stare Master Eyeliner
 Crafting Level: N/A
Stare Master - Eyeliner
Creature - Ranged Attacker
Defense Rating : Defense Rating White
Creature Stat Attack Very Slow attack speed

Slow movement speed

Spec Eyeliner Shoots a line of four slow projectiles


Family: Stare Master

Normal Elite Traits
Stare Master - Displacer Pew Pew Teleports away to avoid being hit
Stare Master - Ominous Orb Eyemax Projects an explosive ball of energy, and explodes upon death
Stare Master - Eyeliner Caco Shoots a line of four slow projectiles
Wanted Traits


  • As of July 22, 2015, this creature is not craftable.
  • Can be found in the following castles:

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