Item PrefixesEdit

Item Level Range Prefix
Knight Archer Mage Runaway
1-3 Brass Padded Cloth Magician Lead Singer's
4-6 Russet Chain Vermin Hide Amanuensis Roadie
7-9 Bloody Chain Strider Apprentice Headliner's
10-12 Halfplate Leather Caster Rocker
13-15 Russet Halfplate Crawler Hide Notarius Vintage
16-18 Bloody Halfplate Ranger Disciple Sensational
19-21 Plate Studded Leather Wizard Bard
22-23 Russet Plate Beetle Hide Sapiens Platinum
24-25 Bloody Plate Sylvan Enlightened Power Balladeer's
26-27 Fullplate Reinforced Leather Magister
28-30 Russet Fullplate

Bloody Fullplate

Scorpion Hide


Praefector Rock God

Item TypesEdit

Location Knight Archer Mage Runaway
Helm Helm Hat Cap Hood
Shoulder Armor Shoulders Shoulderpad Epaulets Armguard
Body Armor Tunic Robe Armor
Gloves Gauntlets Gloves Cuffs Gloves
Cape Mantle Cloak Cape Cloak


Necklaces Rings
  • Amulet
  • Sigil
  • Pendant
  • Copper Ring
  • Brass Ring
  • Delicate Ring
  • Fingerband
  • Silver Ring
  • Jeweled Ring
  • Gold Ring
  • Fine Ring
  • Nephrite Ring

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