Name Type Introduced Blog Post
Unlock Devlin Devlin Creature August 1, 2014
Unlock Hot Roller Hot Roller Trap August 14, 2014
Unlock General Pow General Pow Creature August 22, 2014 Post
Unlock Caustic Carpet Caustic Carpet Trap August 28, 2014 Post
Unlock Rancid Runner Rancid Runner Creature September 5, 2014 Post
Unlock Chargoyle Chargoyle Trap September 11, 2014 Post
Unlock Rambomb Rambomb Creature September 18, 2014 Post
Unlock Acid Cannon Acid Cannon Trap September 24, 2014 Post
Unlock Super Trap Generator Super Trap Generator Trap September 30, 2014 Post
Unlock Skelethor Skelethor Creature October 8, 2014 Post
Unlock Sadistic Cannon Sadistic Cannon Trap November 5, 2014 Post
Unlock Derplicator Derplicator Creature November 13, 2014 Post
Unlock BurnN Hell O Burn'n Hell-O Trap November 19, 2014 Post
Unlock Clustercluck Clustercluck Creature November 26, 2014 Post
Unlock Baron Snarleybone Baron Snarleybone Creature December 3, 2014 Post
Unlock Snowballistic Cannon Snowballistic Cannon Trap December 10, 2014 Post
Unlock Pop Eye Pop-Eye Creature December 17, 2014 Post
Unlock Icy Pops Icy Pops Creature February 4, 2015 Post
Unlock Slowtorch Slowtorch Trap February 19, 2015 Post
Unlock Manaferatu Manaferatu Creature March 6, 2015 Post
Unlock In Spectre Drubbage In-Spectre Drubbage Creature March 20, 2015 Post
Unlock Hot Cluck Hot Cluck Creature April 3, 2015 Post
Unlock Mrs Goatfire Mrs. Goatfire Creature April 10, 2015 Post
Unlock Snowzer Snowzer Creature April 17, 2015 Post
Unlock Poison Globuleye Poison Globuleye Creature April 24, 2015 Post
Unlock Fire Globuleye Fire Globuleye Creature May 1, 2015 Post
Unlock Cold Holder Cold Holder Trap May 8, 2015 Post
Unlock Smell Hound Smell Hound Creature May 15, 2015 Post
Unlock Ice Globuleye Ice Globuleye Creature May 22, 2015
Unlock Nurse Reverse Nurse Reverse Creature
Unlock Daddy Wrong Legs Daddy Wrong Legs Creature


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